Full paper presentations are 15 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A

Short paper presentations are 10 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A

November 5

Opening remarks
Session 1

Keynote 1

Speaker TBA

Predicting Traffic Accidents with Event Recorder Data (short paper)

Yoshiaki Takimoto, NTT; Yusuke Tanaka, NTT; Takeshi Kurashima, NTT; Shuhei Yamamoto, NTT; Maya Okawa, NTT; Hiroyuki Toda, NTT

Graph Analyses of Phone-Based Origin-Destination Data for Understanding Urban Human Mobility in Seoul, Korea (short paper)

Hyoungjoon Lim, Yonsei University; Soohyun Kim, Yonsei University; Joon Heo, Yonsei University


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Session 2

A Novel Approach to Approximate Crime Hotspots to the Road Network

Francisco Carlos Freire Nunes Junior, Universidade Federal do Ceara; Ticiana L. Coelho da Silva, Federal University of Ceara; Jose Florencio de Queiroz Neto, Universidade Federal do Ceara; Jose Macedo, Insight Data Science Lab; Wellington Silva, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Enhancing a Crowd-based Delivery Network with Mobility Predictions

Christian Schreckenberger, University of Mannheim; Christian Bartelt, University of Mannheim; Heiner Stuckenschmidt, University of Mannheim

Predicting Traveler Next Choice of Activity with Location-Based Social Network Data

To Diem, University of Washington; Dong Si, University of Washington; Ying Chen, Northwestern University


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Session 3

Keynote 2

Speaker TBA

Bike-Share Demand Prediction using Attention based Sequence to Sequence and Conditional Variational AutoEncoder (Short paper)

Tomohiro Mimura, NTT DOCOMO; Shin Ishiguro, NTT DOCOMO; Satoshi Kawasaki, NTT DOCOMO; Yusuke Fukazawa, NTT DOCOMO

Spatio-Temporal Clustering of Traffic Data with Deep Embedded Clustering

Reza Asadi, University of California, Irvine; Amelia Regan, University of California, Irvine

Context-based Markov Model toward Spatio-Temporal Prediction with Realistic Dataset

Kota Tsubouchi, Yahoo Japan Corporation; Tomoki Saito, Yahoo Japan Corporation; Masamichi Shimosaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology


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Session 4

Using Mobile Sensing Technology for Capturing People Mobility Information

Chenwei Song, The University of Tokyo; Masaki Ito, The University of Tokyo; Yuuki Nishiyama, The University of Tokyo; Kaoru Sezaki, The University of Tokyo

Grab-Posisi: An Extensive Real-Life GPS Trajectory Dataset in Southeast Asia

Xiaocheng Huang, Grabtaxi Holdings; Yifang Yin, National University of Singapore; Simon Lim, Grabtaxi Holdings; Guanfeng Wang, Grabtaxi Research and Development Centre; Bo Hu, Grabtaxi Holdings; Jagannadan Varadarajan, Grabtaxi Holdings; Shaolin Zheng, Grabtaxi Holdings; Roger Zimmermann, National University of Singapore

Closing remarks

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